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They have enough market dominance that they’re no longer constrained to advance tech for the consumer, but rather just for themselves (i.e., their head-long dive into content and advertising). This is exactly what antitrust regulators should be heading off at the pass, but they fail time and again . Although anecdotically I’ve known a lot more people whose MacBook has died than PC laptops.

Much of the buzz has been negative, with reviewers claiming to see performance drops on upgrading to the latest version of Windows. Finally, we come to the selection of apps available. Microsoft’s had more than a year to tee up developers and if this is all it’s managed to get on board for launch (albeit in ‘preview’ form), then it might as well give up now. However, church-and-state-like divisions soon appear. Similarly, you can’t drag a PDF from your Desktop, say, into the Android app.

After the update procedure is complete, restart your computer and check to see if the print screen key is now operational. If pressing the Print screen key doesn’t work, you can alternatively try a handy keyboard shortcut that you’ll find below. By following any of the above examples, you should now know how to screenshot on Windows. Each of these methods is useful under different contexts; that’s why Microsoft included so many ways to take screenshots in their software. So, it’s best to memorize how to use a few different methods to help you out in the future.

How To Turn On Bluetooth On Windows 11 – A Step-By-Step Guide

I’ve been testing Windows 11 for a while now, so it feels a bit like I’m teasing you by saying do as I say, not as I do. Fundamentally, it still feels a whole lot like Windows 10. You can once again group pinned items according to your preference. You can even name the groups, and the title will be displayed just underneath it. Just drag and drop two icons together, and you’ve created a folder. Windows 11’s Start Menu originally had an enormous “Recommendations” section that couldn’t be resized.

  • The size of the section seriously limited the number of pinned applications you could have attached to the Start Menu.
  • Save it using the Win+S shortcut or by clicking on the Save button on the top.
  • Once you enter the installation, you only need to follow the installation wizard’s instructions.

If you also provide a link to the filed feedback to me I’ll be happy to triage it personally as I frequently work with the teams that are responsible for update migration. When you start listening only to marketers/accounting and ignoring your engineers and users, you will eventually fail. They’re squeezing revenue from their large portion of users who are not technologically proficient to realize they’re being exploited.

It’s like a breath of fresh air, my computer just works now. With Proton for gaming and Electron for desktop especially, Linux on the desktop is way different than it was 10 years ago, let alone 20. “No tinkering required” needs to come with a big YMMV. Most of the devs I’ve polled about their Linux experience matches the OP, they tried it and went back to Mac/Windows.

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Gyazo is an online photo manager and a tool for taking screenshots. The screenshots you take are immediately published on the Gyazo website with a unique link you can share with others. The free version of Gyazo helps you take screenshots and post them online quickly. Most of us take screenshots for the purpose of sharing them, whether it’s on social media or via email. So, any decent app should makesending screenshotsan easy task to accomplish. To open the Snipping Tool on Windows 10 and Windows 7, go to theStartmenu, type Snipping Tool in the search area, and select the tool from the list.

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Once you get used to this, and the rounder, more streamlined look of Windows 11 menus in general, you’ve seen the biggest change Microsoft has in store for you. The Health Check app will immediately tell you whether or not your PC is capable of running Windows 11 or not. For this version of Windows, most notably the demand that your PC have a TPM 2.0 installed. Google launched a Google Play Games for PC app for Windows 10 and 11 in 2022, opening the door to all Android games on Windows 11.